You mean healthy as in not good?

I've been trying to get motivated to the point of getting off the couch for quite some time. My weight over the years has peaked and dipped in an endless cycle. It really isn't anything new since I've struggled with my weight since I was high school and even more so when I was in the Marines. So I decided I was going to watch the Biggest Loser on Netflix (189 episodes, thank you so much @netflix).

Surprisingly enough its actually working.

I've been to the gym 4 out of the last 5 days, haven't eaten out for lunch or dinner during that time, and have been feeling remarkable. I think a big struggle for me is going to be....well OK, there are going to be a lot of struggles but one of the struggles for me is learning to like new foods. Let me rephrase that. Learning to re-like old foods. I'd hardly say apples, peaches, bananas, are "new foods". I've just been so addicted to immediate over-flavored processed foods for so long that a lot of fruits just don't turn me on. Got it. I fully take responsibility for that statement and just how inappropriate it sounds. I meant to say I'm just not excited or hungered by the idea of eating fruits. How sad is that.

I discovered tonight that I actually like peaches. More specifically peaches that are just on cusp of being ripe. My disappointment in peaches has always been that they;re mush. Too soft. Too wet. Ripe peaches taste to me like peaches on the verge of going bad. Not necessarily flavor wise just texture and wetness.

So moral of the story is if you don't like the goopiness of ripe peaches try them just before they're ripe.

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