Deviled Eggs and Salmon

I have a long history with eggs and salmon. Our history goes back almost 13 years to when I was visiting my girlfriend (later to be wife) in her home city of Oslo, Norway at Christmas time.

It was our first appearance as a couple in public and it was at an employee breakfast. I was served cold scrambled eggs and salmon. My reaction to tasting it and the subsequent embarrassment that reaction caused both of us is still etched in our brains. Despite cold salmon sandwiches being a Scandinavian staple I can not wrap my brain around.

By the way if I spell Salmon wrong (as in Salman) it because of Salman Khan being stuck in my head.

So the whole eggs and salmon thing came up because of an article at Serious Eats about a Deviled Eggs with Salmon recipe. I want to have a more refined palette. I want to be more open and eat a wider range of foods. I want to be able to tell the difference between well prepared and poorly prepared food.

So I kind of, sort of, followed the recipe. Actually I varied quite a bit. A little out of necessity and a little out f preference. As usual creme fraiche was nowhere to be found at the grocery store. So I substituted sour cream. I discovered to my dismay that we were out of lemon juice and used a little lime juice. I don't know how the wife uses an entire container of lemon juice on a single bunt cake. And finally because of my reaction all those years ago, I used maybe a quarter of the salmon the recipe called for. I wanted to get some of the taste of the salmon and some of the smokiness but not enough to make me gag.

Overall, I think I liked it. I had to get past the fact there was some salmon in it. Once I really tried analyzing the flavor it definitely tasted better. The mustard flavor really came out. I don't know if I (personally) would like it with four times the amount of salmon that the recipe calls for. I think I may make it again.

I would recommend it. Eric Riper is pretty awesome.