This is  not an introduction to my first post. It is not an introductory post to my latest attempt at a blog because every time I write one it ends up being the one and only post on the blog.

I hope to take readers on a journey as I try to learn more about everything food. I am a food fanatic and love to try new things. And when I say I am a food fanatic I mean I have just recently tried actually learning about the processes, science, and tastes of cooking.

There is a lot I don't know. There is a lot I've never cooked, tasted, or don't know. But that's half the fun.

Come along and maybe we'll learn a few things together.

One of things that got me started on this journey was hearing someone say out loud that the process is more important than the recipe. That cooking is an art more than a science. I first heard that out loud while searching for videos on how to braise chicken. I stumbled across Chef Todd Mohr's YouTube series "Cooking Coarse".

Click here to see Cooking Coarse.

Since then I've been looking for cookbooks that discuss the ingredients and methods as much if not more than the actual measurements.

Well, happy eating and let's hope this isn't the only post.

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