Fresh Tomatillo Salsa

Tonight for a pre-bedtime snack I made Fresh Tomatillo Salsa from Rick Bayless's Mexican Everyday. I would love to say we planned it ahead of time but really it was a very short notice thing. We bought about 8 tomatillos because Rick Bayless is running a twitter contest every Monday where he tweets the ingredients, you make the dish, post a picture, and he chooses the winner.

One of the ingredients is Mexican crema, which they don't sell at the grocery store closest to us, we tried to make it ourselves. We didn't feel entirely comfortable leaving sour cream and heavy cream on the counter at room temperature to get the crema so we scrapped Bayless's recipe. We didn't want all the tomatillos to go to waste. Hence, we got Fresh Tomatillo Salsa.

From Food and Restaurants

It is pretty easy with tomatillos, cilantro, garlic, water, and salt being the only ingredients and they are just thrown into the food processor. A little white onion mixed in afterwards.

Very fast. Very easy. And Very Tasty. Make sure not to overdo it on the cilantro or it gets an almost grassy taste. I was a little surprised the recipe didn't call to seed either the tomatillos nor the serrano peppers. Leaving the seeds in the Serrano's definitely kept the salsa spicy with a lingering burn.

The one other thing I would say makes a huge difference with salsa is chips. Don't wait until you are ready to serve until you open the chips. The grocery store brand we bought was waaaaaay to salty. If I had known the were that salty either I wouldn't have bought them and if I had already bought them I would have halved or quartered the salt in the recipe.

There just isn't anything that compares to fresh herbs chopped and served. No frying, no baking, no processing. Just good fresh ingredients.

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